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This is the loudest movie I've seen all year and it's also the first Robin Williams movie I've seen where Robin doesn't play himself.

"Jumanji" is also another one of those films where an increasing number of the participants are generated by a computer, leading to a depersonalization of society so great that after I accidentally kicked the person in front of me in the back of the head he turned around and screamed: "Who the hell do you think you are!?"

Robin's character starts out as a little boy who finds an ancient board game buried at a construction site, begins playing the game and then suddenly disappears. Thirty years later a couple of kids rediscover the game, begin playing and accidentally free Robin, who is now forty years old, having been trapped inside the game's bizarre world of jungle animals for thirty years.

Playing the game releases these animals into the real world where they wreak havoc on society, kind of like politicians. The computer-generated animals seem interesting until the monkeys emerge. They all look suspiciously like Regis Philbin. This reminded me of Kathy Lee, at which point I felt like strangling somebody. I'm sick of her and that little Cody too.

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