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As the Nazis begin to sap their culture and freedom during World War II, German youths turn to American music to... oh, wait, that's "Swing Kids."

Presumably, without the wonderful, intellectually-liberating influence of music, kids turn into the awful, flea-bitten pests featured in this movie. They do drugs, beat the crap out of each other for fun and have sex at twelve or thirteen years of age. The central character, Telly (Leo Fitzpatrick), is so obsessed with de-virginizing young girls that he unknowingly spreads the HIV virus as though he were playing a game of tag.

First-time filmmaker Larry Clark's version of modern-day childhood is downright apocalyptic. However, kids like these don't just drop out of the sky, because if they did, we would deploy Reagan's vaunted Star Wars Defense Initiative and blow them up in the atmosphere (and, as promised, their pieces would then drop gently down to the earth and we could go on watching "Barney" in our happy naiveté'). Where do Telly and his buddies come from and where have they developed their attitudes? Where are these kids' parents? These aren't especially deep questions but they're too deep for Clark, who's more interested in flaunting the cinema verité concept of the devil child.

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  • I think I know the reason there's been a lot of public concern that Baby Boomers might be raising kids with the moral compasses of serial killers and the attention spans of mongoloid mall-walkers.