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Set your film in some small, British town and then toss in one of the following: striptease, nudity, dancing, cross-dressing, homosexuals, drugs, or the manufacturing of something slightly strange and you pretty much have yourself a pitch for a movie that has about a 100% chance of being made.

Think about it: "British boy from small town dances his way to self-fulfillment", "British lads from small town dance their way to self-fulfillment", "Cross-dressing lad from small British town becomes fulfilled", "British mum from small town achieves self-fulfillment growing marijuana", "Old chicks from small British town pose nude and become fulfilled." In the case of "Kinky Boots", the pitch is: "British lad and cross-dressing lad achieve self-fulfillment by designing shoes."

Charlie Price (Joel Edgerton) inherits a shoe factory from his father where the sales of their standard men's dress shoe has plummeted. Charlie meets Lola (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and gets the idea that he'll produce boots for transvestites as a way of saving the shoe plant.

Since this is based on a true story, apparently this ridiculous idea worked. The main conflict in the story involves the acceptance of Lola in the plant by, among others, Don (Nick Frost), a manly man who eventually learns to accept those different from him. There's also Charlie's fiancé, who thinks everything he does is ridiculous, driving Charlie into the arms of the ever-understanding Lauren (Sarah-Jane Potts), who's always understanding. Always!

Whenever Chiwetel Ejiofor is in a movie, I wince. It's basically impossible to type his name fast or pronounce it properly. He's a pain in the ass and should do what most other actors do with confusing names, change it to something easy to write and pronounce. Since he hasn't done this, I must conclude that he's an asshole.

"Kinky Boots" is another product from whatever assembly line is producing quaint British comedies.

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