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I don't know if I should be ashamed or proud that I've never even heard of "Larry the Cable Guy." Sadly, a quick search on Google didn't make it much clearer, other than to reveal that Larry's real name is Daniel Lawrence Whitney. That the movie credits "Larry" as playing Larry is pathetic. Trying to pretend that you're a fat, redneck cable guy for real hardly creates a sense of authenticity. It's either true or it's not true and who cares anyway? Does one need to be a redneck to play a redneck or is that just an appeal to rednecks who are so ridiculously dumb that they won't laugh unless they believe the actor is really one of them?

So since making fun of black people and gays as a profession or a culture has largely fallen out of favor, the essence of "Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector" consists primarily of fart jokes and various scenes of Larry on the toilet making some foul sound as he tries to have a bowel movement. There's also the issue of Larry referring to his female partner, Amy Butlin (Iris Bahr) as a boy.

The plot of this film consists of the mystery of who is poisoning food at five-star restaurants around town. As a local health inspector, it's Larry's job to find out.

It may not surprise you that I don't remember what the answer to the mystery is. Essentially, the movie is a fantasy for loser males. It takes a fat, stupid, smelly, dirty, unprofessional man and turns him into a hero. Metaphorically, he's walking around in his underwear and scratching his balls at all times. He solves the crimes, gets the girl, and achieves all manner of success while never having to bathe or control the volume of his farts or his shits. It's the dream of a certain class of man. It asks: can a man behave like he would were he by himself and still exist in the world?

I guess this all depends on one's definition of "existence." Undoubtedly, the corner of the world where this is possible is either in a trailer park or very close to one.

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