The Last Supper

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The central thematic element of this film is presented in the form of a question offered up in an intellectual discussion between a group of graduate students (Cameron Diaz, Courtney B. Vance, Ron Eldard, Annabeth Gish and Jonathan Penner). The question is this: If you were teleported back in time to 1924, where you met a young German student named Adolf Hitler, would you kill him?

I don't know about Adolf Hitler, but fly me out to Hollywood and I might be persuaded to take a couple of swings at director Stacy Title for serving up this overbearing liberal pap. It's the kind of film that works better as a fifteen minute student short but when stretched beyond its reasonable limit becomes preposterous.

Initially, a truck driver (Bill Paxton) gives one of the students a lift after his car breaks down and to show their gratitude, the kids invite the guy to stay for dinner. As their dinner conversation progresses, it becomes clear that the guy's political views lie somewhere between Rush Limbaugh and Satan. The students end up stabbing him and burying him in the back yard.

Dinner then becomes a nice way to kill off conservatives: a pastor who hates homosexuals (Charles Durning), an anti-environmentalist (Jason Alexander) and Mark Harmon for making "Summer School" and "Stealing Home." Quickly, an amusing comedy turns into a droll drama because the director thinks she has something important to say. News flash, Stacy: You don't.

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If Hitler had known he was Jewish would he have killed himself?

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

 It has been reported in some news outlets that Adolf Hitler had Jewish and perhaps even African ancestors.  This was determined by testing the DNA of 39 of his living relatives. 


So surely the final solution would have included Hitler killing himself.  Which he actually did do.  If we can believe the history books.


{;-) Dan in Miami

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