Little Man

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There's high concept and then there's low concept. Using CGI to graft Marlon Wayans's face on a dwarf is definitely low concept. It's just sad to see somebody credited for a body.

The idea here is that little Calvin (Marlon Wayans) is a thief who gets out of prison, steals a diamond with his cohort, Percy (Tracy Morgan), and hides it in a woman's purse to elude the police. That woman is Vanessa (Kerry Washington) and she's married to Darryl (Shawn Wayans), so Calvin pretends to be a baby left on their doorstep to get inside their house and get the diamond back.

If there's a remotely believable moment in this film, I don't know where it is. I'm sure the French will find it. Oh sure, comedy often isn't supposed to be believable, but it's hard to laugh at something that doesn't even make a modicum of sense.

First of all, any idiot would be able to tell that a 40-year-old man, despite his size, is not a baby. There's a joke in the film where Darryl and Vanessa go to change Calvin's diaper and discover adult-size genitals. I think that would give it away. Unfortunately, this sort of movie requires the main characters to play stupid for so long that it's simply not funny after awhile.

Imagine for a minute how Marlon Wayans had to act for the film. He was either in a room by himself or was behind the camera watching the action and attempting to mimic proper facial expressions. I can tell you that whatever Marlon Wayans's gift might be, this sort of humor isn't it. Throughout the film he appears as though he's trying to scratch the top of his forehead with his eyebrows. They just bob up and down and are supposed to be some kind of substitute for acting. It's over-the-top, boring and embarrassingly lame.

"Little Man" is basically an "In Living Color" skit that goes on for too long.

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