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Randy Newman may have been right when he crooned about short people having no reason, but he certainly wasn't talking about Hollywood. They not only have a reason, they have the world. "Living Out Loud" is just another reminder of how ridiculously small most of these people actually are.

Sure, we all know Danny DeVito is short, but he looks like Shamu next to Holly Hunter, who's thin and small enough to make Calista Flockhart think about taking an extra run to the toilet for another heave. I'm sure if she wanted to, Holly could make a go as a midget wrestler. I bet the woman has never had to pay for a plane ticket in her life. Just fold her in half, super glue a handle onto her ass and she's an acceptable carry-on with most major airlines.

So we're supposed to buy that this little woman, Judith Nelson (Hunter), has somehow survived in New York without being carried off by a rat or a cockroach because she's been living with her rich doctor-hubby (Martin Donovan) on Fifth avenue. Divorce, then misery, sets in and she doesn't know what to do with herself, how to be happy, or how to live her life. Enter Pat (Danny Devito) to show her that other people are miserable too, but that poor people have this thing called "hope" that keeps them from killing themselves.

Pat and Judith get along great and Pat admits his affection for Judith, but Judith tells him that he's a short, ugly, revolting little man and that she'd rather just stick with the vibrator; that is, she says she just wants to be friends. They do the friend thing for a while, hanging out with a club singer (Queen Latifah), until Pat tries to get a commitment out of Judith and Judith refuses. Basically, this is just the film's way of slogging toward the point where Judith achieves enough self-respect to enable the movie to end without the entire theater breaking out into a brawl.

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