Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels

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Just how much of this Tarantino crap do we have to put up with? And is Britain such a cultural wasteland that "Reservoir Dogs" has yet to be released on video cassette over there?

At least America realizes what elements of British culture are tolerable. That's why we're grunting out Shakespeare movies like we've got literary diarrhea, but there hasn't been one film about soccer or dentistry. Director Guy Ritchie's idea of a cultural exchange is to ooze downhill in Quentin Tarantino's tired footsteps: Let's make death fun!

Fun death happens after four blokes pool their money and one of them plays in a card game. They end up owing a half a million pounds and are given one week by Hatchet Harry (P.H. Moriarty) to come up with the money. I can't remember which guy is which but one of them has Sting for a dad, and Sting is none too happy after Big Chris (Vinnie Jones) pays him a visit and threatens to take away his bar.

True to its chaotic nature, Ritchie's story goes all over the place, following all sorts of different characters as they engage in different types of criminal activity. Aside from the four blokes, there are a couple of guys trying to steal some guns, some others who grow weed, and a black gang leader who really likes to watch television. It all ends in typical Tarantino fashion as the audience wakes up just long enough to think to themselves, "Wow, that's really funny. Everybody is dead."

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It's fair for other movies to borrow from RESERVOIR DOGS

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Considering how much RESERVOIR DOGS borrowed from the Hong Kong movie CITY ON FIRE.


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