Looney Tunes: Back in Action

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There's a reason the average Bugs Bunny cartoon is only a few minutes long, just like there's a reason a shot glass is only a couple of ounces. Imagine if a shot glass were the size of a bucket -- suddenly, doing a shot of Jack would be fatal, and frats around the country would be dropping members faster than the Michael Jackson fan club.

Stretch the manic energy of a Bugs Bunny to 90 minutes, and it, too, becomes nearly fatal. "Looney Tunes" is sort of like being trapped in a daycare where the tots have learned to use an espresso machine. To make matters even worse, the geniuses behind this movie (apparently seeking to expand from the "let's have cartoon characters interact with Michael Jordan" concept) use the ever-original movie-within-a-movie concept.

Kate Houghton (Jenna Elfman), an executive at Warner, fires Daffy Duck (Daffy Duck), which makes it basically impossible for Bugs (Bugs Bunny) to complete his new movie, since he's missing his foil. Houghton gets fired as a result, which leads to her and Bugs going to find Daffy and DJ Drake (Brendan Fraser), who are on their own little adventure to find a diamond and to find DJ's father, Damien (Timothy Dalton), who's a big spy film adventure star for Warner. (See? Get it? They have the whole James Bond thing going so the parents ostensibly have something to laugh at.)

Did you get all that? Probably not, but if reading the preceding paragraph kind of gave you a headache, then I've done my job in relaying the film's special touch. Steve Martin is especially annoying here as Mr. Chairman, the head of Acme. Martin seemed to be channeling Jerry Lewis on crack. Now, maybe that will make the French happy, but it just made me want to rip off my own head and hurl it at the screen.

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