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Two things real quick: Betty Friedan is still alive (as far as I know) and a financial aide would be like a banker, but financial aid is what you get when you get money for college. Why do I bring these two things up? Because this movie is so idiotic and so poorly made that a professor (Greg Kinnear) asserts that Betty Friedan is dead and at the very end of the movie the film gives Dora (Mena Suvari) "financial aide." Did she sleep with her professor AND her broker? I missed something.

Was there a script to this movie or did director Amy ("Clueless") Heckerling just make it up as she went along? Honestly, it looks like some moronic studio executive caught "American Pie" and "American Beauty" last year, thought that Mena Suvari and Jason Biggs just had to play the leads in their own movie, and greenlighted a project without a script.

For music, Heckerling appears to have pulled records from her collection that she was unable to auction off on eBay. I mean, at one point in this film, "Scarborough Fair" kicks in for no apparent reason. I think somewhere Mike Nichols, Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft just jumped into the air thinking some mystical force stuck a needle in their ass.

Why do filmmakers insist on making movies where the central characters are idiots? I can only guess Heckerling is writing what she knows. Paul (Biggs) thinks his obnoxious roommates like him, only to find out that they hate him, which is obvious to everyone but him. Meanwhile, Dora's professor/boyfriend treats her like crap, but she thinks he loves her. If this weren't enough, Paul's roommates are running around campus slipping drugs into the drinks of unsuspecting women and, presumably, raping them. Apparently, Heckerling finds this a source of amusement. Perhaps that's entertainment in Hollywood. However, not unlike this film, it's a crime in the rest of the country.

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