Lost Souls

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With each film, Winona Ryder becomes less a sex symbol and more a deer caught in the Hollywood headlights. Did anybody else see her on Jay Leno, her first-ever talk show appearance? The woman was so dysfunctional she made Farrah Fawcett look sane.

"Lost Souls" is sort of "The Exorcist" meets "Girl, Interrupted." Winona Ryder plays Maya Larkin, a survivor of possession, who now lives in the church and runs around to help out whenever a new psycho is discovered who's in need of an exorcism. It's sort of like a one-step program for lunatics.

Maya and her priest buddies find out from a possessed client that the Devil is scheduled to take over the body of a writer of non-fiction crime, Peter Kendell (Ben Chaplin). Apparently, the Devil sends out what's equivalent to the Exorcist's Bus Schedule, because Maya and her friends know exactly who Satan is going to take over and when. Thus, it's just a matter of finding the future possessee and convincing him that he's about to be taken over by the Prince of Darkness. Naturally, Peter is rather annoyed at this whole idea, but gradually discovers that everything is true and that it's just a matter of time before he's looking cross-eyed at small children and voting Republican.

As you know, I always hate to play the cynic, but don't these churches have the little padded rooms where they can toss the children of Satan in when they're being taken over? There are certainly enough stories of young children being taken to dark rooms by overzealous priests that you would think such accommodations would not difficult to find. I'm sure that if Satan's first moments on Earth involved having his dingle rubbed by Father Marty, he may well consider that making a personal appearance was not really all that necessary.

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