Max Keeble's Big Move

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After seeing "Home Alone 3" I based the remaining years of my existence on the theory that I would never again have to see Alex D. Linz in a movie. How wrong I was.

The little Macauley Culkin wannabe reappears in this movie just in time to milk his last bit of prepubescent cuteness before he starts sporting pimples, a permanent erection, and gets involved in an extended lawsuit against his parents for control of his fortune. Max Keeble (Linz) is a 7th grader who's on the outside looking in. He only has a couple of friends, Robe (Josh Peck) and Jenna (Brooke Anne Smith), and suddenly becomes the target of the school bully.

However, when Max learns that his father (Robert Carradine) is moving the family to another city, it offers Max the opportunity to take revenge on his school enemies, which includes Principal Jindraike (Larry Miller), who plans to knock down Max's favorite animal shelter to build a football stadium.

This is a clear example of a movie written by adults who think they know what kids find funny. Their idea of funny is an evil ice cream truck driver. Their idea of funny is Larry Miller. This is the kind of film that got test-screened in front of grandparents who were then asked, "Do you think your grandchild would find this funny?" The guy who directed this, Tim Hill, last directed "Muppets from Space." Max Keeble would be more believable as a Muppet than he is in this movie.

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