The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc

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If your religious convictions weren't already messed up, the weekend of November 12, 1999, certainly didn't help. Pondering the nature of God, were you? Well, if you saw "Dogma," you discovered that God was Alanis Morissette, and she liked to smell flowers. If you saw "The Messenger," God is a mean-looking little boy who inspired a 15th-century girl to grab a sword and lead Frenchmen to hack up Englishmen. No wonder guys in institutions across the country are throwing their feces against the walls, claiming to be agents of God. Identifying him is a confusing business.

Eventually, Joan of Arc's (Milla Jovovich) conscience (Dustin Hoffman) suggests to her that her visions may all be a mistake. Is this God's fault? Does God accidentally project himself into the back ends of pick-up trucks which confused dogs then chase? Are brief images of the Virgin Mary something akin to God farts? This is cause for concern: A lot of people could be finding something better to do with their Sundays.

Nevertheless, Joan follows her vision and leads the French against the English, defeating them, which gets Charles VII (John Malkovich) crowned King of Frogs. For all the energy Malkovich puts into Charles, director Luc Besson might as well have cast Jonathan Taylor Thomas in the role. Then there's Faye Dunaway's get-up, which makes her look like one of the Coneheads. If the French actually wore that goofy crap, they deserved to be occupied and tortured by the British.

And I know I'm incredibly perceptive, but did anyone else notice that Malkovich, Dunaway, and Hoffman aren't French? They don't even bother sporting French accents, and it isn't until one of them practically stands up and screams, "Yo, we're the French!" that you realize what side they're on.

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Not a bad movie

Tharzool's picture

All in all, I enjoyed this flick.  I particularly enjoyed the lighter moments of the film.   Joan is able to lead the French to victory over the English, but can't get La Hire to stop swearing?  LOL

Casting Dustin Hoffman of Tootsie fame as Joan's imaginary friend/advisor/conscience at the end of the film was, uh, interesting.  I must say that I appreciated the director's decision to cut the scenes with Peewee Herman as Pope Clement VI. 

"Because I'm worth it"

FearlessFreep's picture

One critic said Mila Jovovich looked like Leo DiCaprio.

(BTW, I liked MJ as the over-the-top villainess in ZOOLANDER.)


I think she made a damned fine Fifth Element

Coaster's picture

I loved that movie.  If only I could remember who else was in it...

Coaster, you can't forget the Willis!

Rajah's picture

And Gary Oldman played a goofy villian

Chris Tucker played himself

What about Ian Holm?

Wulfgar's picture

Brion James?

Luke Perry?




~No, my young padawan; this one is mine.~


Chris Tucker in his strangest role ever...

TMundo's picture

...but it showed versitility I guess, no, wait, I just don't know.

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