Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous

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I mean, holy Jesus, if it isn't bad enough that we're getting a sequel to an overrated movie that's over five years old, the filmmakers have actually piled crap on top of crap by turning the original story of a frumpy FBI agent turned beauty pageant contestant into none other than a cop buddy film. Isn't it bad enough that you're making a sequel already? You have to go and make things worse by celebrating a standard cliché? Really, one has to marvel at the incompetence.

And who knew that Regina King was a midget? She plays Sam Fuller, the grumpy, unfriendly FBI agent who eventually becomes the partner of Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock). Gracie undergoes a transformation in the film as she becomes the face of the FBI, which means that she's charming and witty while Sam fulfills Gracie's role in the prior film as the one with no tact, charm, whatever. However, it's a little hard to watch all this play out because Regina King seems to be having her conversations with Sandra Bullock's nipples. King is that short. I think the filmmakers thought this would make things extra funny. It just seemed kind of distracting to me.

Interestingly, this film takes place just a few days after the first one, which gives you kind of an idea about Sandra Bullock's ego. She obviously thinks she looks exactly the same way she did five years ago. The basic premise of the story is that Gracie actually becomes the beauty pageant contestant she so loathed in the first film by becoming the face of the FBI. Then, Cheryl (Heather Burns) and Stand Fields (William Shatner) are kidnapped and Gracie must prove that she still has what it takes and can still do the work of a real FBI agent. Gracie and King go to Vegas and despite some difficulty with the Vegas division chief (Treat Williams) manage to figure out what nobody else can.

If there was anybody in this entire production who wasn't sleepwalking through it, I didn't notice.

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