Mouse Hunt

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Here's what this film needed: more mouse, less Nathan Lane.

Lane and Lee Evans play brothers who inherit a string factory and an old house from their father (William Hickey). I couldn't care less about the relationship between the brothers, or their relationship with their father or whether or not they sell the string factory. Why is it so difficult for this director (a first-timer) to get the brothers into the house to do battle with the mouse? This film is called "Mouse Hunt," not "Brothers Play With String."

Having that much time to dwell on the stupidity of the director, I found myself focused mostly on trying to figure out which of the mouse scenes used a real mouse and which was strictly computer effect. There was also a woman in my theater laughing like somebody was tickling her genitals with a feather, and I was contemplating running up and kicking her in the back of her head to see if she found that funny too.

This film has a disturbing sadistic streak. The brothers call upon an exterminator (Christopher Walken), who tracks the mouse. At one point, he comes upon some mouse droppings, which he eats. As if little children weren't already prone to putting things in their mouths, "Mouse Hunt" has to make eating mouse crap chic.

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