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Frankly, I can't even remember this movie, though I did see it. It was a few weeks ago -- an early preview that happened because a couple of the actors from the film were coming to town for interviews. Best as I can recall, it's a parody of a parody of teen movies.

What I remember most vividly is a queasy feeling familiar to everyone who's ever seen a bad parody. It's that sense that every joke the movie attempts could have been done better. It's that sense that if the filmmakers had just spent five extra minutes on the line or the shot, it would have been funnier. It's that sense that the time you just spent watching this amateurish fiasco would have been better spent sniffing paint in the alley behind the theater.

"Not Another Teen Movie" is directed by Joel "Not Another MTV Director" Gallen who's credits include the short parody films during the "MTV Movie Awards" and... uh... did we mention the short parody films? Apparently that's enough to qualify you for feature films if you just attend the right parties. This movie is essentially a bunch of Gallen's clips strung together, but not as funny. It takes the story of "She's All That": Chyler Leigh plays Janey Briggs, the girl with glasses who, if she would just undo her hair and take off her glasses, could screw everything that moves. Naturally, there's some challenge to turn her into a prom queen.

This movie is actually worse than a lot of the films it parodies, which is so doubly pathetic it boggles the mind. There is, however, a lovely cameo appearance by Molly Ringwald, who's gone from that awkward-but-lovable teenager I wanted to screw during my adolescence to a shocking reminder about the cruel relentlessness of time.

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