Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps

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When not masturbating itself with multiple Murphys, this film is a painfully long, unrelenting series of freak coincidences, moron science, fart jokes and exchanges of patent untruths.

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  • The studio has already telegraphed that this movie is a piece of crap by giving it next to no advertising support. I didn't even know this was a film or who was in it before looking in the newspaper.

  • Personally, if I had wanted to give Eddie Murphy a good reason to scream and act idiotic for a couple of hours I would have given him a glass of Liquid Plummer and a straw.

  • While most films are insulting to those of reasonable intelligence, it's a rare bird that actually goes so far as to compel the entire lowest common denominator to stare at each other and wonder simul