The Object of My Affection

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Evidently, political correctness has reached unprecedented proportions. It's one thing to treat people with respect. It's quite another to sublimate complex artistic expression in favor of something you heard at a Democratic fund-raiser.

In "The Object of My Affection," Nina Borowski (Jennifer Aniston) falls in love with a gay guy, George (Paul Rudd), after said gay guy moves into her apartment and becomes her best friend. George -- stereotypical fruit that he is -- has all the qualities Nina's straight boyfriend, Vince (John Pankow), lacks. Since Vince isn't smart enough to go to therapy or read "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus," he's relegated to the evil white male role, which consists primarily of not understanding Nina's feelings.

The film's premise is something that could only have been conceived by one of those little ass-kissing Hollywood weasel executives. It's also something whose nearest believable moment is in the theater next door showing "Species 2." Sweet Jesus, John Pankow and Jennifer Aniston in a sexual relationship? What's next, Cindy Crawford mating with baboons?

If you were gay, I would think that, next to watching the Republican National Convention, this movie would be the height of insult. How could any gay male sit in the theater and not wish that the idiotic Nina would get run over by a power mower? That the movie wants us to care about a woman who knowingly falls in love with a gay guy is like asking us to care about a woman who was told not to roll around in a nest of wasps and did so anyway.

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