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Jackie Chan appears to write and direct in much the same way he choreographs fight scenes and stunts. While this approach may work for martial arts, it is an absolute failure where directing and writing are concerned. With "Operation Condor," also known as "Operation Condor: Armor of God II," following the story is kind of like being dropped on your head from a high place.

Having been provided no outlines, flow-charts or multi-layered acetate schematics from Dimension Films (whose plot-outlining lackeys are probably watching the film at this very moment trying to figure it out), I can only provide a sketchy summary of the plot: Jackie is some kind of agent assigned to go to Africa and find a hidden Nazi stash of gold. A female agent is assigned to tag alongside Jackie and during their trip they hook up with a tall blonde woman who claims to be the granddaughter of the Nazi who built the secret gold repository. The women serve as the comedic element of the film, providing situations for Three Stooges-like comedy, while the bad guys chase Jackie and provide him a needed excuse to beat the crap out of something.

Why Dimension Films chose to release this particular film is anyone's guess. There's an opening scene in which Jackie escapes harm by rolling away in a large plastic ball like a gerbil. The climactic scene of the film occurs in a wind tunnel. If somebody could provide Jackie with a decent story instead of individual set-ups to do circus tricks, his movies might seem less like kicks to the head.

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