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A lot of movies make absolutely no sense to me, and I feel free to say so. If some idiot decides to make a movie out of "Green Acres" or "The Dukes of Hazzard," they pretty much deserve dynamite from the get-go. However, I completely understand why this film was made, and it makes perfect sense.

See, apparently Spike Lee's career peaked (if you want to call it that) with "Do the Right Thing." Ever since then, he's made a whole slew of horrible films -- "Jungle Fever," "Mo' Better Blues," "Crooklyn," "Girl 6" and that really bad basketball movie. When he got tired of making movies, he complained about ones he didn't make ("The Patriot"). Apparently tired of even that, he's now discovered five comedians, found them to his liking and filmed them, then slapped his name on the credits as "director." What better way to make yourself look good than to surround yourself with people who do all the real work? It's all part of Spike's ongoing creative deterioration.

How hard is it to make a stand-up comedy film, anyway? You just shove a few cameras around, cut out the bits that the audience doesn't laugh at, and you have your film. Unfortunately, Lee couldn't even do that much. He could have at least picked funny comedians. I mean, I'm sure Bob Saget is looking for something to do. Instead, Lee went with Steve Harvey, D.L. Hughley, Cedric the Entertainer, and Bernie Mac.

Let me save everyone eight bucks right now. Around lunch time, walk to your local middle school and find out where the loser kids hang out. Just sit nearby and listen to their conversation. You should hear the word "motherfucker" about the same number of times you hear it in this film. If that's comedy, then I suppose this film is pretty motherfucking funny.

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  • The writing credit on this movie lists seven different people. Just how much quicker is it to have seven people come up with multiple fart, sex, penis, barf and crap jokes?

  • 7:15, 7:30, 7:45, 8:00, 8:10, 8:30.

    Think those are the start times for the evening shows at your local six-plex? Guess again.

  • Whenever director Garry Marshall's name is mentioned in connection with directing a movie, I start having seizures. I'm not kidding about this.

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