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It's been a tough week for Catholics. First, George Bush publicly sodomizes them by approving stem cell research. Then, "The Others" gets released in theaters. Make no mistake -- "The Others" is an outright condemnation of Catholicism. Writer/director Alejandro Amenabar would have been more subtle with his message if he had sent male prostitutes to blow the Pope.

Grace (Nicole Kidman) lives on the Isle of Jersey in her Victorian mansion with her two children at the end of World War II. She's waiting for her husband to come home so things can be perfect once again. Clearly though, things are less than perfect. First, the kids, Anne (Alakina Mann) and Nicholas (James Bentley), have some sort of rare condition whereby sunlight kills them and seeing anything furry makes them shit their pants. Second, ghosts start showing up in the house and only Anne can see them. Third, Grace is in some serious denial. She doesn't believe Anne about the ghosts and she doesn't seem to believe there's anything wrong with her life and when she shows the kids a picture of Robin Williams' back, she claims to "smell nothing".

It turns out there's something very wrong with her life: Grace is a fundamentalist, bible-thumping Catholic and Amenabar hates her guts. She keeps her children in the dark both physically and psychologically through her limited worldview. Frankly, Amenabar misses the great thing about Catholicism, which is that you can have sex with everything that moves, then sincerely confess your sins, towel off and be forgiven. Some Catholics do this daily. Naturally, among the major religions, Catholicism is my favorite. It gets an admirable three bombs.

Beyond its contempt for religion, the other problem with "The Others" is that it owes just about everything to "The Sixth Sense." It's practically a copy, the only real difference being that it's a young girl who sees the ghosts, and that the main character is a repressed English woman and not Bruce Willis having a bad acting day.

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