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The circus that is the exploitation of the mentally handicapped is certainly three-ringed in this Garry ("Pretty Woman") Marshall film. If you think this movie was made to demonstrate that the mentally handicapped can love just like the rest of us, it's time to stop pouring NyQuil over your morning corn flakes. This film was made so every that audience member can think to themselves, "Whoo-ee! If them re-tards kin do it, ah kin too!"

The "other sister" is Carla (Juliette Lewis), third daughter of the Tates (Diane Keaton, Tom Skerritt). She's just smart enough to make you believe that you might be able to sit through the entire movie without choking on the sentimentality. Luckily, the Tates' wealth makes brain function Carla's primary worry, because mumsy and daddy can afford to get her an apartment and chauffeur her around in the Mercedes.

Carla falls in love with Daniel (Giovanni Ribisi) and they spend the rest of the movie grunting, living together, having sex and getting married. About an hour into the film, the airlock on the galactic cruiser Marshall opens up and sucks good taste out into the cold, dark void of space like a two-ton turd.

You'll find yourself wondering when in the sweet name of Jesus the film is going to end (it's a full two hours and ten minutes long), why somebody doesn't explain to Mrs. Tate the meaning of the words "overbearing bitch," and why every five seconds some touchy-feely folk tune fades in with lyrics that cleverly describe exactly what's happening onscreen ("Your adult diaper leaked, but life is tough, oh baby..."). Sitting through this film is a handicap in itself.

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