Out of Time

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There are more freaky coincidences in this film than in a John Edward psychic reading. Unfortunately, while Edward makes his fraud look reasonably slick, the makers of "Out of Time" have trouble convincing us that their script wasn't the winning entry in a convoluted plot contest.

If there's one consistency in the sleepy, little town of Banyan Key, Florida, it's that the moral code and the police code come from the same book. Chief Whitlock (Denzel Washington) is sleeping with Chris Harrison's (Dean Cain) wife, Anne (Sanna Lathan). This misadventure is a considerable asterisk to his own marriage to Det. Alex Diaz-Whitlock (Eva Mendes).

Things start to go very wrong when the Chief decides to give Anne $450,000 worth of recovered drug money from his safe to help with her cancer treatments. In a series of Maalox moments, the Harrisons' house burns down with them in it, the DEA calls to arrange a pick-up of the missing money, and Alex starts investigating. It becomes apparent that if the Chief doesn't rearrange a lot of evidence really fast, he's going to come to a worse end than Rush Limbaugh in Harlem.

Unlike residents of most small towns, who can cite the details of their neighbors' bathroom schedules, none of the approximately 1400 citizens of Banyan Key has the slightest clue that the police chief is boffing the former football player's wife. Perhaps, as Limbaugh might suggest, they're just giving him an undeserved free pass because he's black. Or perhaps the movie just fails to make any sense whatsoever. You make the call.

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