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Given that this, the first film from Dreamworks Pictures, has zero interest in character development, it's obvious what its goals were in casting the leads: get two actors that people like and they'll believe anything. Ignoring Nicole Kidman as a nuclear scientist for a moment since she, at least, has an acting resumé, let's pick on George Clooney.

That trademark smirk where he looks at the floor and then retracts a corner of his mouth to imply that his brain is functioning doesn't exactly do much for me when he's supposed to be playing a tough-as-nails, renegade, special forces operative, Lt. Colonel Thomas Devoe. It's the same old crap from Clooney. Let's face it, if Devoe shows up in "Full Metal Jacket," Pyle kicks his ass.

If you get far enough into the movie where people stop speaking Russian, you'll figure out that some bad Russkies have stolen some bombs, only nobody exactly knows what they're going to do with them. This is the brouhaha that gets Kidman's Dr. Kelly and Clooney's Devoe to hook up. They're the ones who have to figure out where the bomb is going.

Finding this bomb mostly consists of Clooney running around trying to look tough while Kidman runs behind him screaming when things explode. Time takes a back seat to expediency as Devoe and Kelly hop around from continent to continent as though Scotty were up in the Enterprise beaming their molecules around. Although this does nothing for realism, it does keep Clooney from opening his mouth or doing that smirking thing too much, which is at least one thing in the film's favor.

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