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"The Pest" is one of those films that, not ten seconds into it, you're seriously wondering whether or not you will survive. Comedian John ("To Wong Foo") Leguizamo plays "the Pest," a kind of rabid Ace Ventura-ish character (if you really want to make comparisons to try and figure out the monetary incentive for this film).

In the opening he's dancing naked in the shower, rapping. Although Leguizamo tries to cover his dingle with soap, you can still see it emerge periodically like a scared worm when director Paul Miller provides the appropriate camera angle - that is, if you're looking for it, uh, like the guy next to me was--yeah.

The story for "The Pest" revolves around Pestario "Pest" Vargas, a Miami con-man who agrees to be hunted by a rich German, Gustav Shank (Jeffrey Jones). If he survives, he gets fifty thousand, just enough to pay off the Scottish mob, which is also hunting him. This is really less a story and more an excuse for Leguizamo to show how ridiculous he can be. He plays a Chinese delivery boy, a Rabbi, a Japanese guy and various other ethnic stereotypes.

However, taking all these problems into account, this is still a film titled "The Pest." If the filmmakers' goal was to annoy everybody who sees it, perhaps they've fulfilled their lifelong ambitions. What that has to do with making films is anybody's guess.

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