The Prince and Me

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This is one of those films that, unless you are blind, deaf and dumb, you can see every single plot development from a zillion miles away. Let's see: Dutch Prince Edvard (Luke Mably) decides he wants to be regular for awhile so he travels to Wisconsin and pretends to be "Eddie." For comic relief, he brings along his personal assistant, Soren (Ben Miller), apparently not realizing that the sight of a "regular" college student with a 24-hour male personal assistant might stick out or seem slightly gay or something. He doesn't need to study or anything, so naturally he meets up with high-strung Paige Morgan (Julia Stiles), who is hoping to get into medical school.

Stunningly, Eddie runs out of money and has to get a job (in screenwriting parlance, this is called "conflict"). Since Paige is the first woman he meets, he naturally ends up working in a restaurant with her. And naturally, he becomes her lab partner in chemistry. Eddie has lots of funny interactions with machine oil and customers. He also can't get up early enough to make chemistry lab. Not to worry though: None of this stops Eddie and Paige from falling in love -- that deep, respectful, wonderful love that one usually associates with animated birds and woodland creatures.

The moment Paige leaves to go meet Eddie in Holland, we know exactly what will take place: She'll think the castle is really cool until she's burdened by the responsibilities and restrictions of potentially being Queen at which time she'll realize that she needs to be her own person, return to the U.S., and pursue her degree.

And this is exactly what happens. (If you consider this a spoiler, please don't vote.) There are zero surprises, except for the fact that the Queen (Miranda Richardson) eventually takes a liking to Paige. Other than that, it's a yawnfest from beginning to end, one of those movies made for hopeful female teenagers who have yet to have their dreams ravaged by the realities of life.

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