The Prophecy

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When did God become a dweeb? Apparently there's been an angel war going on for all eternity because some of the angels are jealous that God favors humans over angels since he gave humans souls.

In "The Prophecy" Gabriel (Christopher Walken) is roaming around Earth looking for Simon (Eric Stoltz) who is hiding a special soul that will swing momentum in the angel war to Gabriel's side. For reasons lost on all but the omnipotent, the story revolves around a cop (Elias Koteas) who's lost his faith, but Koteas' role in the film is almost superfluous. Nobody wants to watch Elias Koteas sob when Christopher Walken could be decapitating somebody. Speaking of talking heads, Virginia Madsen also has a throwaway role.

Give God credit for making his head angel look like Christopher Walken. Unfortunately, what good is an angel who needs a chauffeur to get around town? "Hey, I'm the most powerful angel in heaven. I can prevent death and steal souls, but I can't operate an automatic transmission."

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