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"Quills" is the latest Disney Christmas film and fun for the whole family. It's a true holiday treasure that will be adored by young and old for ages to come! And I think I must add, it's the best film I've ever seen.

As you might have guessed, "Quills" is all about the sweetest little porcupine in the world, whose name is Pokey (voice by Robin Williams). One morning, Pokey wakes up, stumbles out of his den in the steep sunlit hill, and tumbles all the way down into the dark, mysterious jungle. He's knocked out for several hours and when he comes to, he doesn't remember who or what he is.

Pokey wanders around until he happens upon a family of monkeys. He's befriended by the youngest male, Swinger (voice by the adorable Jonathan Lipnicki), who's never seen anything like Pokey. Our naïve friends Swinger and Pokey soon decide that Pokey is a strange kind of monkey, and that they'll be best friends. However, Swinger's parents quickly discover the friendship and explain to the two that Pokey is a porcupine and must have been separated from his family. Swinger's parents promise to take Pokey home the next day.

Unfortunately, during the night, Swinger's parents are killed by a falling meteor. Swinger and Pokey are driven out of the monkey community by a mean Chimp named Hairy (voice by Michael Madsen). Though they encounter many unusual creatures, Pokey and Swinger eventually find their way back to Pokey's parents, who immediately adopt Swinger, proving once again that everyone can get along if they just try. I was particularly touched by the two Elton John/Michael Bolton duets: "Stick with Me" and "Quit Monkeying Around." This is quite possibly the best Disney film ever!

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