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I could get the facts of the Australian aborigine relocation law exactly right, but I'm too lazy. So just believe me when I write that around 1940, the Australians enacted some law that allowed a magistrate to take half-aborigine kids away from their aborigine parent and re-educate them so that they could become laborers. That's fairly close to what happened. It's basically one of those stories of the white man thinking he knew what was best for them thar colored folk.

In the case of "Rabbit-Proof Fence," the magistrate's name was Mr. Neville (Kenneth Branagh) and he went about ordering the removal of aborigine children all over Australia. This particular story deals with Molly (Everlyln Sampi), Daisy (Tianna Sansbury) and Gracie (Laura Monaghan), who are ripped from their mother's arms and relocated approximately 1200 miles away. Not liking this at all, Molly escapes with her sisters and attempts to walk back to her home.

So, this is the story of three girls walking 1200 miles across Australia. Time for a geography lesson: Australia is mostly flat and boring. Do Molly and her sisters walk through any of the exciting parts of Australia like Melbourne or Sydney? No, they stick to the flat and boring parts.

You know what? Don't tell me about some little girls walking across land until they've crossed some mountains. Anybody can walk in a straight line across some stupid desert. Show me a girl who can walk 1200 miles across some mountains and then you'll have yourself a real story. Apparently, director Phillip Noyce thinks I'm going to be interested in this story just because these are young girls and they walk a long way. They don't cover any diverse terrain. They don't wrestle any bears. They don't drink their own urine.

They just follow this fence for a really long way. It's boring.

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