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In case you weren't aware, it's the year of the gerbil in China, so it's not exactly a surprise that when Richard Gere shows up -- as an attorney no less -- the Chinese immediately kick his ass. It doesn't help that Gere's character, brilliant, persuasive media lawyer Jack Moore, wakes up with the blood of a beautiful Chinese model all over him and his fingerprints on the murder weapon.

Given Gere's political inclinations -- his golf partner is Da Lama -- it's no surprise that "Red Corner" immediately turns into a "persecute the poor truth-speaking American" movie. China is apparently filled with over a billion idiots who are willing to take more than a little crap from Gere, who stands in front of the judge and explains over and over again how she should be more understanding of his American feelings. It's amazing that these Chinese can apparently put down an entire revolution on national television, but can't figure out how to shoot one annoying American lawyer in the head when nobody is looking.

Moore is given a court-appointed attorney, Shen Yuelin (Bai Ling), who despite her initial belief that Moore is probably guilty, is so overcome by Moore's boyish good looks and perpetual squinting fetish that she jeopardizes her life to save him. As she points out to Gere, more or less, "there are 500 million weenies in this country, yet I can't get my hands on one."

After running around China with the army on his tail, Moore naturally gets justice, and in the process, points out to the confused Chinese elite how much better it would be if they'd just act more like Americans.

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