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Let's talk about Jennifer Grey's nose. Apparently she regrets the nose job that transformed her signature schnoz that everyone saw in "Dirty Dancing" into something that's more of an "everynose." She regrets it because now nobody recognizes her.

I suspect that her regret has more to do with not getting any good roles. Not only do fans not recognize her, but neither do casting directors. Without the big snot tank to remind people she starred in a big hit, Grey now has to rely on her acting to get her through the day. "Ritual" proves that she really doesn't have much to fall back on, which explains why about half the film is more like the "Jennifer Grey Wet T-Shirt Contest" than a film about voodoo. These are kinds of cautionary tales they don't mention in the brochures in the plastic surgeon's office.

Grey plays Dr. Alice Dodgson. After losing her license to practice in the states, Dr. Dodgson heads down to Jamaica to help out Paul Claybourne (Craig Sheffer), whose brother, Wesley (Daniel Lapaine), is suffering from some kind of disease.

To make a long story short, Wesley thinks somebody is playing with his mind. Somebody, and frankly I can't remember who, leads Dr. Dodgson to believe that Wesley is turning into a zombie. Dr. Dodgson immerses herself in the local culture in an effort to find out more. She meets a local woman, J.B. (Gabriel Casseus) and a local guy, Matthew Hope (Tim Curry), who try to school her in the ways of the locals. Actually, Tim Curry plays the local lech, which even in the world of low budget films is called "bad casting." It's like casting Harvey Fierstein as Don Juan.

This film was part of the "Tales from the Crypt" series and was supposed to be a theatrical release, but apparently became a straight-to-video deal after somebody at the studio actually decided to watch it.

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