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Imagine, way back in 1973, Disney had the idea to animate the tale of Robin Hood and replace people with animals!

I could have sworn that the animated "Robin Hood" I saw when I was a kid had different voices, but I guess I was wrong or that I'm just thinking of a different animated film. One can see why this thing has been forgotten among the Disney pantheon. In short, this is an entire film about taxes. Now, maybe that really excited the young folk back in the 70's, but nowadays, seems like kind of a hard sell.

Basically, the sheriff (fat wolf?) is going around taking everyone's money on the orders of Prince John (lion). Though Robin Hood irritates the Prince (Peter Ustinov), it's not until Friar Tuck gets arrested, charged with treason, and sentenced to hang, that things get going. Friar Tuck (hedgehog) gets arrested after becoming fed up with the sheriff's tax collection.

Of course, Robin Hood saves Friar Tuck because animated characters simply are not hanged. Not only does he save him, but he takes all of Prince John's money and redistributes it to the poor, who are mostly locked up in prison for not paying their taxes. The film is narrated by a folk singing rooster (Roger Miller).

Maybe IRS agents would like this "Robin Hood". Everyone else should stay away.

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