Running with Scissors

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It's so amazing when somebody gets a whole bunch of talented actors together to play dysfunctional people because it allows them to act their hearts out. It also makes me think to myself how the world would be such a great place if we'd all just open our hearts to dysfunctional people and that if we treated them like great actors acting their hearts out, we could really change the world. See, instead of treating a schizophrenic person like a schizo, we could treat him like Joseph Fiennes playing a schizo. I mean, if Joseph Fiennes just showed up at my house I'd be so nice to him and give him food and a hug. Now, isn't that how all people should be treated, including real schizophrenics? Imagine if we started treating schizophrenics like that, they'd probably stop being schizophrenic because they'd understand how much love there was in the world for them. Then once we treated schizophrenics like that, we could treat everyone like that and the whole world would be one big hugfest!

This film is based on the memoir by Augusten Burroughs. In this film, he's played by the doe-eyed Joseph Cross and he's probably the most normal person in this film. I love that he's doe-eyed because that made me think of baby deer and they're just so cute!

Augusten has tons of confidence, enough to come out and tell his friend, Natalie Finch (Evan Rachel Wood), that he's gay. He's out of the closet! How great it must be as a gay person to be out of the closet when you're that young because then you're not in the closet anymore and don't have to deal with coming out of the closet. Anyway, Natalie becomes Augusten's friend because she's the daughter of Dr. Finch (Brian Cox) who's the therapist of Augusten's mother, Deirdre (Annette Bening). Friends are so great!

Now, I know that Deirdre isn't that well. After all, she basically sells Augusten to the Finch's. Or at least, she gives him up for adoption when he's in his teens because she can't handle parenting or much of anything really. Still, how great it must have been to have such an eccentric mother. I just love the idea that every day with Deirdre Burroughs must have been an adventure. To make matters even more exciting for young Augusten, he ended up living with the wacky Finch family, including Agnes (Jill Clayburgh) and Hope (Gwyneth Paltrow). Augusten also got to experience young love with Neil Bookman (Joseph Fiennes). I mean, how many of us get to experience such intense young love when we are only 13? Even if it is with a gay schizophrenic man, it must have felt so special!

Sure, there was a lot of weirdness in the household and people never seemed to clean up much, but I think that just makes us all appreciative of our own clean homes. I see a dirty house like the Finch house and I don't think "what a bunch of pigs", I think "gee, my house is so nice in clean" and I think that was the intention of the film. That's how you can take a seemingly negative thing and turn it into a positive thing and I know that's what director Ryan Murphy would want because he created "Nip/Tuck", the wonderful show about cosmetic surgeons on FX. Furthermore, Augusten realizes that he can't live with the Finch family forever and he eventually gets out, moves to New York, and writes the memoir that makes this movie.

That's a great, heartwarming, smile-inducing story if I've ever heard one. After all, if Augusten hadn't had the unique experiences he did, he never would have written the book and there'd be no movie and that's at least one less smile I would have gotten to have! Yay!

"Running with Scissors" had me running around crazy with joy!

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