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I thought the parody was dead, but along comes Keenan Ivory Wayans and his 50 or 60 siblings to remind us that with but the addition of a few penis jokes, no genre is immune to exhumation and violation.

This is a parody of those teen slasher flicks, but mostly "Scream." Now, how anybody makes a parody of a movie that was already something of a parody is a parody in itself. And how do you make a parody of "Scream 2" and "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer" when those films were already so bad that to parody them would simply be redundant?

Besides the penis jokes, there's also a character who's supposed to be a parody of David Arquette. His name is Doofy (and I can't seem to find the actor's name anywhere, but who cares?) and he's retarded. Parodying David Arquette by having his character be retarded (excuse me, mentally-challenged) is absolute genius. How long did the Wayans sit around the dinner table coming up with that one? I think they should be nominated for a MacArthur Fellowship or something.

Incidentally, if somebody doesn't stick Marlon Wayans' nuts in a blender pretty soon, I'm going to picket the U.N. and demand a resolution. Apparently, marijuana makes him manic, which makes his normal personality a very scary thought. Another important note to make is that, while we see several penises, neither Shannon Elizabeth nor Carmen Electra appear butt-ass naked, which is a horrible misuse of the R-rating.

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