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The thing that really scared me about "Scream 2" is its illustration of how easy it is for filmmakers to sell out and how little Hollywood cares about originality or integrity.

The original "Scream" featured a moderately original premise -- make a horror film that is simultaneously a horror film and a parody of itself. As a result of writing that movie, Kevin Williamson got a three-picture deal, one of which was obviously "Scream 2." The other was the awful and idiotic "I Know What You Did Last Summer." Who knows what the third film will be? Given #1 and #2, who cares?

Granted, "Scream 2" demonstrates that Williamson and director Wes Craven have a knack for creating entertainment appealing to America's more dimwitted teenagers. However, it also demonstrates that these two filmmakers are commercial prostitutes who would probably disembowel their own mothers onscreen if it meant another appearance on "The Tonight Show" or their names on another poster. What you should be asking yourself when you see this movie is this: "Is this the best they could do? Is this the hardest they could try?" The hapless Johns in the audience get screwed coming and going.

"Scream 2" is two hours long and that's about two hours too many. The biggest fright it can muster is to have the killer jump out from behind stuff. I didn't react once. None of it was unexpected. Neve Campbell has all the charisma of a toilet brush. Why not kill her off? Why not do something -- anything -- to keep the audience off balance as Sidney, Dewey (David Arquette), Randy (Jamie Kennedy) and Gale (Courtney Cox) go through the motions of their requisite deja-vu experience? Why not? Because once you've been tricked into paying your money and walking into the theater, the next two hours, as far as the filmmakers are concerned, are beside the point.

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