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What exactly can filmmakers do in a Mafia movie that hasn't been done fifty thousand times before before? I know, somebody can stick a guy in a hideously ugly rabbit suit and have him run around shooting people. In polls conducted of moviegoers who rented "The Godfather," respondents were asked what they would most like to see in a gangster film. "Guy in an ugly rabbit suit" finished second only to "penis gun".

Oh, thank God for Jonathan Glazer, who's fulfilled my every wish about the gangster genre and the man in the ugly rabbit suit. Where would the genre be without this lovely addition? Seriously, there's a guy in the ugliest rabbit suit you've ever seen haunting ex-con Gary Dove's (Ray Winsone) dreams. Gary is retired and lives in a Spanish villa with his wife Deedee (Amanda Redman) and some friends when Don Logan (Ben Kingsley) shows up demanding that he return to London for another job.

I've had enough of Guy Ritchie to know that sitting in a theater seat not understanding thick accents is hardly my idea of fun. At least Ritchie was doing a parody of the whole issue with Brad Pitt in "Snatch." Here, Ben Kingsley is ranting at such a clip that he might as well be speaking Venusian. Naturally his character is a psychopath and is determined to bring Gary back to London with him.

I won't say any more about what happens, but the movie isn't about what gangsters do so much as it's about their feelings. Really, their feelings. A whole movie about the feelings of gangsters. Am I seriously supposed to sit there and feel sorry for Gary because he's paying for the all the crimes he's committed at a time when he just wants to love his house and his wife? Oh, too bad. Incidentally, there's also this very scary streak of pedophilia running throughout the film, as it's insinuated that Gary may be a little too close to his Spanish pool boy. Huge ugly rabbit, Spanish pool boy in tight pants, indecipherable British gangsters -- fun for the whole family.

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