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I hadn't really given it that much thought, but it's highly probable that Jackie Chan has landed on his head one too many times. He seems to be getting increasingly ridiculous in his old age. Did you see him on Saturday Night Live recently? It was just downright embarrassing.

"Shanghai Noon" isn't embarrassing, but it's certainly predictable. Jackie plays Chon Wang, an Imperial Guard who comes to America circa 1880 to save Princess Pei Pei (Lucy Liu) from the clutches of the evil Lo Fong (Roger Yuan). Chon hooks up with an unusual cowboy in Roy O'Bannon (Owen Wilson), and they work together to save the princess.

This is Tom Dey's directorial debut and he proves to be another one of those guys who could use a lesson in editing. The story just drags on forever even though it's not exactly a secret how it's going to unfold. Dey seems pleased as punch having Chan do one silly little scene after another without much attention to how it fits into the overall story or affects the pace.

Technically, Chon marries a native girl (Brandon Merrill) after getting whacked out on some Indian dope. However, because he's saving the Princess and they're both Chinese and it's nicer if the two Chinese people end up with each other, the native chick kisses Roy at the end of the film and suddenly they are together. It made absolutely no sense and, as such, was a fitting end to the film.

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  • This film doesn't take place in Shanghai, doesn't include any knights, and almost all the action takes place in the daytime, so I don't see how the title is relevant to anything at all.

  • While I'm positive Jackie Chan could beat the crap out of Pierce Brosnan, that doesn't make him James Bond.

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