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This movie could prove lethal to frat boys who gather to watch it and take a drink every time they see a breast or someone uses the word "tit." At the very least, serious cases of alcohol poisoning are assured.

Despite the grandiose hype that accompanied this movie, it's rather easy to figure out how it was conceived. Screenwriter Joe Eszterhaus simply indulged in masturbatory fantasies about what he would do with himself if he were a woman. This basis becomes clear as Joe's alter ego Nomi (Elizabeth Berkley) begins to randomly thrust her pelvis at men's faces.

Nomi (a combination of the words "no" and "me," implying that Elizabeth Berkley doesn't really find her true self until dancing naked) arrives in Las Vegas missing a bra and a few buttons in her shirt, and quickly loses her suitcase when a hustler steals it. With the scene thus set, Joe, acting though his vicarious vixen, turns up the heat. First, he gets a job at a strip club where he can flash his sweaty body and stand in a dressing room with lots of other naked women. However, it's a small club, and there are only five or so other naked women. Joe aspires for more. Joe wants it all. Joe moves to a big Las Vegas nude show where he can stand in a dressing room with not five, not ten, but fifty naked women. The head naked women (Gina Gershon) is, of course, a lesbian, thereby giving Joe a good reason to rub his body up against hers at some point and have her fondle his breasts.

Here's a quick sample of what Joe gets paid three million dollars a script for:

Nomi: "Where are the chips?"
Friend: "You ate 'em."
Nomi: "No, you did."
Friend: "Did not."
Nomi: "Did too."
James: "I have a problem with pussy."


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