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It's a pretty safe assumption that when a film's penultimate special effect shot is essentially a Barbie doll getting sucked through a snow blower, it has virtually no chance of achieving anything more than a dynamite rating.

In its defense, "Shredder" is a straight-to-video disaster that was never intended for any other purpose than suckering those unfortunate enough to miss out on the last copy of "The Real Cancun." You know exactly who I'm talking about: the couple in the video store that makes Nick and Jessica look like a pairing of rocket scientists. Inevitably one of them grabs "Shredder" or some other piece of crap, turns to his or her partner and says, "How about this?"

"Shredder" is about a group of snowboarders who head up to a closed resort for a weekend of fun and shredding only to be hunted down by a black-masked skier determined to keep them off the mountain. It stars nobody, so recounting various character mishaps would be utterly pointless.

The only remotely smart thing about the movie is the catch phrase it uses on the inside of the DVD jacket: "Icy dead people." That's the only reason this didn't get the nuke.

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