Sorority Boys

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Yes, this is "Tootsie" meets "Animal House," but let's face it: Unless the guys go through hours and hours of makeup, they can't pull off the chick look. What's supposed to be funny just ends up being stupid because every guy in the audience is saying to himself, "That's a dude, dude." There was a film in the mid-'80s called "Just One of the Guys" where an attractive woman masquerades as a guy. She pulls it off until the end, when she has to bare her breasts to prove to everyone she's not male. Generally, however, we bought that she passed as a guy, albeit a somewhat effeminate one.

The only guy in this film who looks even remotely like a woman is Barry Watson, who plays Dave/Daisy and falls for the Delta Omega Gamma president, Leah (Melissa Sagemiller). And yes, that acronym is DOG. The acronym for the frat house is KOK, pronounced "cock." Man, ain't that humor? You'd need to lock a dozen Nobel Laureates and three Cray supercomputers in a room full of laughing gas to come up with complex, multi-layered humor like that.

Along with Dave, Adam (Michael Rosenbaum) and Doofer (Harland Williams) pretend to be girls to expose a plot at their frat perpetrated by the president that kicked them out. Rosenbaum is sort of passable as an ugly woman. However, Harland Williams isn't even believable as a college-aged man. What is he, like 40? And we're supposed to believe he can pass as a college-aged woman? Who else was up for this role, Bob Hope?

That they stick these three in a house full of homely women is practically beside the point and insulting to boot. Naturally, Leah is hotter than any girl alive, so what she's doing in the DOG house, we have no idea. Apparently we're supposed to believe she wouldn't be considered the hottest woman on campus simply because her breasts haven't applied for their own area code like all the women at the Tri Pi house.

"Sorority Boys" is one of those films where you can tell which men in the audience are potential rapists by how hard they laugh.

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