South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut

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This is Trey Parker and Matt Stone's long-awaited attempt to set a record for the number of times the word "fuck" is said in various applications in a modern feature film. The ostensible reason? To point out the hypocrisy of society's intolerance of foul language, even while it celebrates violent imagery. That's right: On the surface, Trey and Matt may seem to just be a couple of kids whose giggling delight at making fart noises and uttering the word "fuck" is surpassed only by their delight at how much they get paid to do so. However, it turns out that they're really a couple of wise men setting out to advance the moral evolution of the human race.

Let's etymologize: Since 1680, when the word "fuck" is first thought to have been used, it has been considered obscene. English apparently derived the word from French and German, or possibly the Dutch, whose word "fokken" referred to the breeding of cattle, which itself derived from Middle Dutch when it meant "push, thrust, or copulate." One might thus offer the point that Parker and Stone "fokken" the message of their movie right into the ground by insisting that one can walk up to the George W. Bushes of the world and call them "pig fucker" until the cows come home, and expect that they might become suddenly enlightened rather than having a phalanx of Security thugs stomp your proletarian carcass into a Blood Slurpee.

The "pig fucker" reference comes from the Canadian movie-within-the-movie, which main characters Kyle, Cartman, Stan and Kenny go to see. It stars Terrance and Philip and is entitled "Asses of Fire." It causes outrage in South Park and eventually, thanks to Kyle's mom, inspires the United States to attack Canada.

For your amusement, we have printed the phrase "pig fucker" twenty times in the space to the left to illustrate a point. Notice that reading the words "pig fucker" for the first time is mildly amusing, but as your eyes move down the words repeating themselves, the effect wears off rapidly. By the time you reach the end, it's not as funny as you first thought. In fact, you have a bit of headache. Now, imagine this list a thousand "pig fuckers" long and you get some idea of the distinct contribution "South Park" brings to humankind.

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