Spanking the Monkey

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How Disney let this script get by them is beyond me. Suffice to say, "Spanking the Monkey" is the warmest family comedy to grace the screen since "Jade."

Every time Raymond (Jeremy Davies) goes into the bathroom to masturbate he's interrupted by the family dog who begins scratching at his door (ha ha!). Because he's interrupted and can't beat off with the dog inside the bathroom staring at him, he has sex with his mother (Alberta Watson) (ho ho!). This all occurs because Raymond's mother is bedridden with a complex leg fracture (yuk yuk!) and his father is a poser who forces Raymond to stay with her while he gallivants around the country selling videos and having affairs (har har!).

Rarely am I one to criticize anyone's personal habits, but this seems like an extraordinarily long way to go to make a point.

This is just the type of film, courtesy of director David O. Russell, that makes you wish theaters were more like airplanes. I certainly wished I could have reached into the seat in front of me and grabbed a barf bag. I wasn't real big on watching Raymond admiring his mom's ass or rubbing his hands where he shouldn't. As one watches the film it's easy to imagine the ghost of Freud showing up, taking one look at this movie, then running for the exit in complete hysteria.

The bend/break rule of comedy is clearly violated here as director David O. Russell snaps his humor twig and tries to kill us with it.

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