Spice World

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Three words: no fucking way.

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  • In its current, finished form, Robert Duvall's attempt at film is nothing more than an idea for a movie. It's not a movie.

  • Frankly, there just haven't been enough movies about cheerleaders lately.

  • What is with the huge slug shooting light out of its butthole?


SPICEFAN_1's picture

I've watched Spice World 30 times, and I do not get tired of it, I love it. I don't even see how you people can be so mean to the producers/directors? They actually TRY to make money, while you people are just sitting here calling good movies bad. I am crazed out of my mind and solace of Jesus Spirits.

I know!

RidingFool's picture

Why not join those godless heathens in another thread?

I love it

electro's picture

I love it

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