Star Treck VI: The Undiscovered Country

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Can you imagine how many prostate exams Dr. McCoy was giving by this point in the Star Trek franchise? I'd think that pretty much every time Captain Kirk was trying to give an order or launch a torpedo at some pesky Klingon, McCoy would be calling him down to sick bay for another prostate check-up.

And then there's Scotty. I mean, you can actually watch the film and as the Enterprise zips through space, you can tell where Engineering is located because the ship is listing to that side.

In this final film starring the original crew, we discover that Kirk's hairpiece is actually an asexual Tribble. We're also treated to a final showdown with the Klingons as they're forced to negotiate peace to save their dying world. Sent to negotiate is Kirk and crew, despite Kirk's lack of fondness for Klingons. He meets with them, but sabotage is afoot, the Klingons are quickly attacked and the peace threatened. Kirk and McCoy are convicted and sent off to some Klingon ice planet while Spock and the rest try to figure out the mystery.

Let's face it: The crew was over-the-hill in episode four, but because that episode was funny, nobody really noticed. Then, somebody had the bright idea to hand the directing duties to William Shatner in Star Trek V. That film was such a fiasco that ending the film series on that note would have probably caused a Jonestown style disaster at the next Star Trek convention, so VI was made as an apology.

DVD comments: 2-disc set with a massive number of extras. The film disc includes commentary with the director and screenwriter as well as one of those text commentaries that shows up like subtitles, giving away the film's secrets. The second disc is full of featurettes and various other things to keep fans with way too much free time happy. There's also a farewell to DeForest Kelly, who has since passed away.

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