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This is your typical teenage angst movie except that it's set in the world of competitive gymnastics. The main character, Haley Graham (Missy Peregrym), is basically the gymnastics version of Kelly Leak from "The Bad News Bears". You know, the seemingly bad kid with all kinds of talent who doesn't want to "play the game" and just needs the right kind of support network to succeed and make friends.

Haley caused the U.S. to lose some important match by quitting in the middle of a meet. Of course, we learn the real reason for this matter, which Haley has used as an excuse to turn to skateboarding and getting in trouble. When she's caught, the judge sentences her to gymnastic camp.

I don't know where in the country one is convicted of vandalism and sentenced to gymnastics camp, but wherever it is, I'm going there to steal some stuff. Haley is forced to face her demons under the tutelage of coach Burt Vickerman (Jeff Bridges), who will naturally seem like an asshole for awhile until he reveals that he's caring, considerate, and adept at understanding the teenage female brain. Naturally, Haley tries to be a loner for as long as possible until she becomes a team player and teaches all the gymnasts something about team spirit.

The filmmakers behind "Stick It" had something to do with "Bring it On", so it's a safe bet that this film is mostly flash - lots of fancy editing, loud music, and fit female teens in tight clothing jumping about at every given opportunity.

Normally, I'm all for young women jumping around in tight clothing, but when it involves a couple hours of gymnastics and clich├ęs, the titillation is more than negated.

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