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It's never been a secret to me that most people simply don't know what's funny, especially people paid to know. This fact was reconfirmed by watching this movie, which is sort of a "Police Academy" without the big budget, high-caliber talent or bittersweet cosmological themes.

Instead of going to the local megaplex, I chose a theater near my house where they spend so much time trying to get the urine stains off the seats that they've apparently forgotten the importance of making the sound work. Consequently, all the surround sound was out and the front speakers seemed to be barely operating. While I could hear the dialogue, it was often overwhelmed by the laughing of the various imbeciles all around me. There is little that will ruin a movie more than a bunch of imbeciles laughing at every little thing, funny or not.

"Super Troopers" is about a bunch of wacky Vermont highway patrolmen who do really wacky things. The funny thing about them is that they're always wacky. There's no wacky down time or anything like that. In fact, I'd call them wackerrific. They control a stretch of highway and when there's a murder, another police department steps in and the wacky patrolmen try to thwart them by being extra-wacky.

Here's how I know this film wasn't really funny: The guy behind me would start laughing before anything actually happened. In that scene where the cop stops the car of pot-smoking teens, the guy was laughing before they got pulled over and after the cops had already left, as if to suggest that he got something none of the rest of us got (besides stoned twelve times a day). Then, the rest of the audience would laugh at the guy who was laughing at the wrong times. I suspect he may have been a plant from the studio. However, he only bolstered my conclusion that any movie funny to a moron is obviously no good, and if the audience finds the moron funnier than the movie, you're dealing with a film so bad it could suck a basketball through a garden hose.

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