The Usual Suspects

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Who is Keyser Soze? This movie reminded me of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" -- who is John Galt? As a result, I spent the entire movie focusing on my self-interest and what this film could do better for me.

Although my Hungarian is a little rusty, as far as I could tell, the crispified guy lying on his death bed who finally screams out Keyser Soze's name was also yelling "Faye Resnick did it!" for a while. I thought this was unnecessarily confusing in a movie that makes the NY Times Crossword Puzzle look like "Wheel of Fortune." Along with the Hungarian, "Verbal" Kint (Kevin Spacey) is the only other survivor of a boat explosion that's left a number of corpses and a lot of questions for Detective Kujan (Chaz Palminteri), who thinks he's the smartest guy on the face of the earth, which is a good signal that whatever Detective Kujan figures out will probably end up being wrong.

This movie is another film that, in the tradition of "Pulp Fiction," exalts in confusing chronology. This, I suspect, is a conspiracy on the part of eugenicists (inspired, no doubt, by Ayn Rand), who lurk outside theaters showing this film, watch for bewildered exiting moviegoers, then follow them home and neutralize their reproductive organs. That's one theory, at least.

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