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If Julia Roberts is the Pretty Woman how come she has a mouth that's so big the only place one would be likely to see an orifice of that disproportion would be in a circus freak show? Let's face it: Julia could probably fit her whole hand inside her mouth and still spit. Suffice to say, Julia's mouth is a distraction.

Nevertheless, she plays a young southern wife and mother where a big mouth may be an important requirement. When she catches husband Dennis Quaid cheating on her she flips out and begins to analyze her life as one big mission to please everybody except herself.

During the course of the film she learns that if she wants to be happy she needs to satisfy her own dreams and desires, and ultimately, the message of the movie is that women should not define themselves through their husbands. Any reasonably smart woman already knows this, so the message of the movie is kind of pointless.

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