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There are certain things about life that I just don't want to know, nor do I want anybody revealing them to me. I don't want to know there's no Santa Claus. I don't want to know there's no Easter Bunny. I don't want to know that's not William Shatner's real hair. And I certainly don't want to know that old people have sex.

Despite the fact that most would agree that "don't ask; don't tell" is the best approach to geezer-boinking, "That Old Feeling" takes great pleasure in reminding us that old people can still rut like bunnies given the proper motivation. The bunnies in this instance are Lilly (Bette Midler) and her ex-husband, Dan (Dennis Farina), who rekindle their romance after being married to other people for fourteen years. They run around finding places to screw while their daughter, Molly (Paula Marshall), gets irritated because she knows how much they dislike each other.

Even considering the fact that old people may actually pay $7.50 to watch other old people have sex, director Carl ("Don't Call me Rob") Reiner still takes this whole cheap sitcom concept way too far.

After one particular tryst between Lilly and Dan, Carl decides to establish that sex occurred by having Bette jump out of bed in her blouse and slip on some panties. This is why movie theaters should come equipped with barf bags and emergency exits. Watching Bette Midler wiggle into her panties ranks on my list of "things to do" right up there next to "unanesthetized prostate operation." If only there had been some warning; perhaps the time has come for the MPAA to institute a new rating: NC-50.

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"That Old Feeling"

Clearsky54's picture

I noticed on your website that you help keep it alive by having "polls" featuring the question "When did you lose your virginity?" I wonder if that sort of advertisement is directly related to the "quality" of your "review."

First off, you must be really "young" to have considered Bette and Dennis "old." At the time they made this movie, Dennis and Bette were 55 and 54 respectively. What's "old" about that? If we're talking people in their 80s and 90s, that might be considered "old." The point is, "Mr." Cranky: People have sex. It's good for us to "see" and to "know" that people over the age of 22 "get some." Movies make us believe that everyone is beautiful and perfect. Surprise: They're not. I think it was gutsy of Bette to slip on her panties. Yeah, so what? Maybe she didn't look like a Playboy model, but, who cares? Just out of curiosity, who're you sleeping with Crankster? Yeah, I thought so.

One day, if you're lucky, you might live long enough to understand what "old" means; if and until you do, why don't you reserve your "commentary" for an actual "review" instead of insulting actors that were brave enough to show that "old" people still "do it"?

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