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Sandra Bullock is not naked in this film, which makes it a source of constant agitation since every time she appears on screen one waits for her to disrobe and she never does.

Most actresses say that a serious, respected actress does not need to take her clothes off. That being the case, one then expects this movie to be about acting, but then again one is disappointed. "The Net" is about technology taking over people's lives and how if we rely on technology too much it begins to destroy the qualities that make us human. Unfortunately this is expressed in the incredibly original form of having Sandra run away from bad guys trying to kill her because she has access to some information that could ruin their grand scheme to make a lot of money.

The ultimate insult in this movie comes when a catastrophic computer crash is symbolized by melting graphics on a computer screen, which is basically the director's (Irwin Winkler) way of saying: "I know you're too stupid to understand what would really happen if a whole computer network crashed so we will pretend that melting graphics might have something to do with it."

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